Priori MD

Tetra Fx250 Breitspektrum SPF 45

€167,66 / 100ml

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Four Levels of Environmental Protection

Tetra adapts, in real-time, to provide what your skin needs, whenever it is needed. The sun has finally met its match!

1.Broad Spectrum -Mineral SPF 50 Zinc Oxide, Titanium.

Dioxide Active mineral ingredients Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide reflect and scatter UVA and UVB rays, protecting any exposed skin from the sun.

2.DNA Enzyme Complex - Microbe, Blue/Green Algae, and Mustard.

Seed Extracts This complex uses all-natural ingredients that mimic the skin's DNA enzymes to cut out and repair damage, allowing cells to function correctly while neutralising further damage.

3.High Intensity Radiation ComplexCarnosine, Soliverine, Melanin.

Reduces infrared-induced cellular damage and intercepts before the formation of free radicals. Soliverine blocks 43% of HEV Blue Light from our everyday electronic devices.

4. Antioxidant Complex - SOD, Ergothioneine.

Made with powerful antioxidant, SOD, and Ergothioneine, the AO Complex restores and replenished cells affected by sun damage.

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